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Communicate to your customers at the right time with reliable infrastructure at your disposal.

How are we different

Fully integrated suite of SMS products

APIs and Services tailored for everyone. Whether you are a developer or not so tech savvy we have the right kind of features for you.

Pay as you go

Only pay for what you send. No monthly commitments. See our pricing.

Built for everyone

Our solution is tailored for everyone whether you are technical or non-technical.

Get started in 5 minutes

Our simple registration flow and easy to navigate dashboard makes it a breeze to setup your SMS workflow.

Features for anyone

Send bulk messages to your customers without writing a single line of code.

Create flexible marketing campaigns to get your message across without writing any code using convenient features like scheduling, segmentation with contact groups and custom sender ids.

APIs for Developers

Quick and easy setup

Use our powerful APIs and comprehensive documentation to get set up today. Less time seting up means you can spend more time building awesome apps and services.


Activate your account: After you sign up, verify your email and upload an identity document to get verified.


Create a project : You can create one or more projects as per your needs and get API keys for sending.


Request a Sender ID: Request an alpha numeric sender ID for your business


Start sending: Use a simple API call to start sending SMS to your users. See our API documentation.

# Try our API. Copy & run this in your terminal.
$ curl -s --user 'api:ENTER_API_KEY_HERE' \
https://api.sms160.io/v1/messages \
-F h:X-sms160-Variables='{"test": "test"}'
$ _
# You can see a record of this email in your logs:
# Send an SMS
All the information you need

Comprehensive documentation

See our comprehensive documentation on how to connect your services to SMS160. You can use a simple cURL command or a programming language of your choice to send messages and to use other API endpoints.

Questions? Contact us.
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Send SMS Message:

curl https://api.sms160.io/v1/messages \
-u pr_fgdheyj23j : test_jskjsdnksjnk7sj \
-F to='+123456' \
-F body='Hello world' \
-F from='SerendibSys' \
-F project_id='pr_feUTUmZWjtN29or23uLvc042' \
-F mode='LIVE'

View SMS Detail:

curl https://api.sms160.io/v1/messages/{id} \
-u pr_fgdheyj23j : test_jskjsdnksjnk7sj
Control everything

Easy to use dashboard to manage your projects

Use the powerful SMS160 dashboard to manage your account and all your projects. Get a big picture view on your message volume and costs. It’s the one place to easily manage your API keys, sender ids, contacts and campaigns.


Simple pay-as-you-go pricing without monthly contracts or hidden fees.

Pay as you go

Integrated per-transaction pricing means no setup fees or monthly fees. The price is the same for all cards and digital wallets.

No setup fees, monthly subscriptions or hidden fees
Pay only for what you send
Automatic volume based discounts
Special Enterprise pricing for high volume users

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International SMS:

Custom pricing available for companies with large transaction volume or unique business models. Contact us

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